The most flexible CDN worldwide.

In the course of time we developed a worldwide unique platform that enables an unprecedented flexibility. With us you can run Python extensions on our globally spread edges to adapt WaveCDN perfectly to your needs.

Does Python code therefore need to be written? Most of the times this is not the case! Our great community already has written a huge amount of extensions that can be embedded in just a few minutes!

Test 14 days for free!

We make websites faster.

Surfing on your website should be lightning fast, but you don't want to build your own Content Delivery Network to deliver the content to your customers? Then you're lucky. We already built a professional and worldwide CDN for you!

Our CDN Services permit your content getting to customers -
no matter where they are - at an incredible speed!

Test 14 days for free!

Instant Setup.

Due to our webpanel it's possible to set up in 5 to 10 minutes. You can get started right now! Future changings get active all over the world shortly after, so that you can check them fast and easily.

Do you want to start the set up of the CDN immediately? Then just register within a free test-account and there you go!

Test 14 days for free!

Analysis made easy.

Our webpanel with its numerous reports offers an ideal base for your analysts. Particularly traffic-optimizations and thus smaller costs shall receive a targeted support and promotion.

For example the most popular requests can be readout - just to mention a simple example. Within the webpanel a lot of further reports are ready. Do you want a detailed insight? Try on it now!

Test 14 days for free!

Why us?

  • We are the most flexible CDN in the world.
    Besides a rule system you can run Python extensions on our edges to adapt WaveCDN to your own requirements.
  • We are uncomplicated.
    At first you can test us 14 days for free. Afterwards you can continue easily without period of cancellation and minimum charge. For longer periods? Then choose a fixed-term contract.

Satisfied customers.

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