Instant usage

You are very flexible in regard to the immediate utilization. There's neither a term of contract nor a monthly basic fee. Background of accounting is the accrued traffic. The number of requests doesn't play a role.

14 days testing

To check all the functions unhurriedly we grant a trial period of 14 days. During this period there don't accrue any fees. To register for the trial period please click on start now!

Per month 20 GB free

Every month 20 GB free traffic are at your disposal. As recent as there’s more traffic than 20 GB, we will account it.

Traffic-price per GB

When exceeding the monthly free traffic the following price scale for normal traffic is valid. The indicated prices refer to single GBs. For the SSL-traffic at separate counting the same price scale with an extra charge of 40% is valid.

Price per GB EU / USA South America Australia Africa Asia
Till 10 TB / month 0.099 € / GB 0.199 € / GB 0.149 € / GB 0.199 € / GB 0.149 € / GB
Next 40 TB / month 0.065 € / GB 0.149 € / GB 0.109 € / GB 0.149 € / GB 0.109 € / GB
Next 100 TB / month 0.049 € / GB 0.139 € / GB 0.099 € / GB 0.139 € / GB 0.099 € / GB
Over 100 TB / month Clients with e.g. 150 TB or 800 TB will get individual offers.

Additional offers

Per additional CDN-setup 9.90 € / month
Per deployed SSL-certificate 29.90 € / month
Individual solutions At request
  • 14 days testing
  • Per month 20 GB free
  • No base fee
  • Callable at any time
Test 14 days for free!

Fixed-term contract

For customers that prefer a monthly traffic commitment and in return even better conditions, we offer fixed-term contracts. For complex individual adjustments a fixed-term contract most of the times is reasonable, too. The contract period generally is 12 months or more. Send us an informal request to get more information and concrete price offers.

  • Fixed contract period
  • Better conditions


For our reselling-partners we offer a RESTful API. Information about the functionality and conditions can be requested at any time. Especially in the implementation process we can support you intensively. Are you interested in a business relationship with us? Just contact us!

  • Business partnership
  • Intensive support

* All prices are net-prices. All the details are for information only and without responsibility and can change at any time.